Gratitude and Giving Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving, a day which always serves as a powerful reminder to me of of what’s important. Some people may wonder what I am thankful for. Some days, I wonder about that very same thing. So many days it’s all too easy to lose sight of my many blessings. But I am blessed. Obviously, it’s difficult to count my blessings or give my thanks for material things because I don’t have many on Mississippi’s deathrow. Besides that, those things are superficial at best, and to me, material things aren’t important in the grand scheme of life.

The things that do mean something – everything in fact – are what many people take for granted, I suppose. What am I grateful for? My good health, my friends and supporters, my family. On this day, everyone is reminded what friends and family mean to them, and that is even more so for me since that is all I really have, need or want. I am so blessed to have the people in my life that I do – those that are by my side when I’m at my best or my worst. I am thankful and blessed to have these selfless, generous and supportive people in my life – people that give me what I need most: acceptance, love and support, all in spite of my plight.

With that said, I have much to be thankful for, and I am.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Jeffrey Havard: Giving thanks

About Lori Howard

I have long searched for my purpose in life and have come to realize that my calling is to advocate for the wrongfully convicted. I AM relentless.
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