Jeff’s Voice: Case Reflections

Lately, I’ve been even more hopeful about my case because of several recent encouraging rulings by the State’s highest court. From what I can see, the court appears to have undergone some changes since my last go-round with the system.

All I’ve ever wanted is justice. Hell, all I’ve ever wanted is fairness, that fairness of course being basic due process. I could go on ad nauseum about my issues with the justice system, including my wavering confidence in that system.

But through it all, I – and everyone else – have no choice but to keep some measure of hope in the system. After all, when one gains relief, it invariably must come from a just system. Unfortunately, it’s not just going just fall from the sky .

Although my current disposition is hopeful due to my perceived favorable structure of the court, I still retain a full cup of indignation towards my false condemnation. I’ve lived every second of every single day for thirteen years in this unfathomable limbo. This only exacerbates my frustration throughout this nightmare.

Now don’t comprehend this in a negative way, as this adversity has made me a better man today. I am and will remain above and beyond the malevolent actions of those who went above and beyond any sense of truth and fairness: due process.

As bad as this nightmare has been for me, however, I’d relive every moment of it if it would bring Chloe back, which is why I am hopeful that the court will soon do right by her and me.

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