Jeff’s Voice; Justice?

I know it’s been a while since I have written. I couldn’t buy stamps as we get no canteen when the prison is on lockdown and it was several weeks this time, but I have stamps now. Hopefully, there will be no more lockdowns for a while.

I watched an episode of 60 Minutes last night and I saw a piece about a man, (Glenn Ford) that spent 30 years on Louisiana’s death row for a crime he didn’t commit.

The best part was that the DA that was responsible for his conviction, (Marty Stroud) seemed to be sincerely tormented by his role in Glenn Ford’s conviction. It seemed he was really trying to atone for it.

However, the current DA for Caddo Parish, (Dale Cox) was asked if he thought what happened to Glenn Ford was fair. Cox said it was justice. It was justice because, during those 30 years, Mr. Ford was not executed.

Apparently, fairness and justice are two different things or ideas. In my almost 14 years of hell, I’ve come to realize the chasm there. All I want is fairness or equality, but the State wants justice, which seemingly isn’t the same thing.

When did justice become something other than fair, equal, truth, (pick your word) etc.? Maybe when “winning” replaced those words.

All of this reminds me of several things about my case. As you know, there is a lot of newly discovered evidence in my case that proves what I have been saying happened all along. A portion of the State’s contention is that: for the sake of finality and justice the sentence of death should be carried out, (despite the new evidence) because the courts have already affirmed my conviction (before any of the newly discovered evidence was in litigation).

Another favorite contention of theirs is this: that all of this newly discovered evidence isn’t really new, but should have and could have been discovered before trial; while maintaining that my ineffective counsel claims are moot, because they believed my counsel was effective and just fine, though they did absolutely NO independent investigation at all.

The State’s one and only qualified and tendered expert witness stated (recently) that he never saw evidence of sexual battery, and that he never thought there was a sexual battery though this never came out during my trial. Now the State claims that this is not new evidence because this has always been the opinion of this expert. But before this information came to light, the State asserted at my trial, and no less than 17 times, over a decade, in their responses, that this expert believed there was a sexual battery.

So, for more than a decade the State has asserted and maintained that this expert found evidence of sexual battery, but when the information that the expert never found evidence of it and that there was no sexual battery was revealed, the State now claims it’s not new evidence because it’s always been known that the only expert never found evidence of or thought there was sexual battery.

This sole expert’s opinion – in 2002 – was the “make or break” in the charge of sexual battery and the sexual battery was the reason I was sentenced to death.

Also, the State asserts it was MY fault that I didn’t discover the evidence that came from THEIR star expert witness; hence, evidence THEY obviously knew about and were obligated by law to share with me.

Supposedly, it’s MY fault that I did not discover something they already knew and were obligated to share with me? Something that I did not know existed and they did? Is it my fault that I am not psychic, too?

It was also my fault that I, a 23-year-old layman, could not explain anal dilation, something only an expert is qualified to explain, an expert that I never had, an expert that was never contacted by my counsel. Again, MY fault for not being a pathologist/expert or a psychic?

As with Glenn Ford, you could go on for hours about the injustice here, or should I call it inequality, unfairness or untruthfulness, since justice doesn’t equate with those words anymore?

Hopefully, someday, for everyone’s sake justice will again be and remain what we all expect it to mean.

As in many cases and certainly in mine, the truth is also very much the victim.

About Lori Howard

I have long searched for my purpose in life and have come to realize that my calling is to advocate for the wrongfully convicted. I AM relentless.
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2 Responses to Jeff’s Voice; Justice?

  1. Luca Cheli says:

    What I find particularly reproachful in its bizarre paradoxicality is the State’s assertion that there never having been sexual battery has always been their expert’s opinion.
    Have we hence to deduce that the State pursued and obtained a death penalty verdict by willfully presenting as a fact what they knew did not exist?
    Isn’t this what ordinary people call a lie?

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  2. vfetterman says:

    Thank you for sharing with the public a very painful journey. I believe in your innocence and pray for your complete exoneration. A wise man said; Truth does not cease to exist because it is ignored!


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