A Nightmare on Death Row:

The Story of Jeffrey Havard’s Wrongful Conviction

Jeffrey Havard | Recent News

Jeffrey Keith Havard

Jeffrey Keith Havard v. the State of Mississippi

Jeffrey Keith Havard, 36, currently sits wrongfully convicted on Mississippi’s death row. Jeff was wrongfully convicted in 2002 of sexually abusing and murdering his former girlfriend’s six-month-old daughter, Chloe Britt.

In fact, the baby slipped from Jeff’s hands while he was lifting her from the baby tub, which was inside the bathtub, and tragically resulted in her hitting her head on the toilet. She appeared stunned, so Jeff held her under her arms with two fingers on each side, the other four fingers supporting her head, and he twisted her from side to side (this is what the state misleadingly called “Shaking”, but what is actually recommended by The American Heart Association as the first step of infant CPR). She started to cry and he comforted her and told her he was so sorry. He looked for injuries, finding none and continued with her normal bedtime routine. The baby appeared to be fine, even playful, so he, barely 23, not a father, and lacking experience thought she WAS fine. He put her to bed as was normal. Both he and the mother checked on her, and she continued to appear fine until she wasn’t. They rushed her to the ER, but she was not breathing.

Jeff Havard was, in a case based on science, denied funding for a medical expert to evaluate the findings of the medical examiner and to refute the claims of the state. His trial from jury selection to verdict lasted less than 12 business hours. Being denied an expert meant that Jeff had the burden of proof put upon him to explain her injuries, instead of being “innocent until proven guilty”. The state improperly placed the burden of proof on Jeff. And he absolutely did have an explanation, though it was not put before the only expert to testify. The entire process has seemed to work backwards in Jeff’s case.

New findings by experts support Jeff’s claims that he is innocent of all charges filed against him by the state of Mississippi. Chloe’s death was a tragic accident, not a murder. Jeffrey Havard is innocent.


We want justice for Jeff and for Chloe!

Take Action to help save Jeff by learning more about his case to find out how you can support this man in his fight for a fair trial to prove his innocence.

Jeff has the support of several organizations that work to help the wrongfully convicted including Injustice-Anywhere.com, a grassroots organization working hard for Jeff. He is one of their featured cases and they maintain freejeffreyhavard.org as well as the Facebook page shown below.

Jeff is supported by Investigating Innocence, a firm founded by Bill Clutter, a master private investigator. You can view their page for him here; http://www.investigatinginnocence.org/jeffrey-havard.html

Jeff also has the support of the Mississippi Innocence Project.

For updates on the campaign to save Jeff, connect with him on social media (maintained by his advocates):

On Twitter: @LoriEHavard

On Facebook: Free Jeffrey Havard

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