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Jeff’s Voice: Case Reflections

Lately, I’ve been even more hopeful about my case because of several recent encouraging rulings by the State’s highest court. From what I can see, the court appears to have undergone some changes since my last go-round with the system. … Continue reading

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Jeff’s Voice: Seasons of Emotion

The other day I was trying to explain to a friend the range of emotions I experience in just one day on death row. Let me start by describing my bi-weekly visits with my grandparents, which take place on alternating … Continue reading

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My Thoughts On The Jeffrey Havard Case

Originally posted on Stop Wrongful Convictions:
Of all the wrongful conviction cases I’ve covered, the Jeffrey Havard case has been the most difficult for me to write about. Not because I don’t believe in his innocence; quite the contrary. It…

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Spread Holiday Joy to Jeff, an Innocent Man On Death Row

There’s no better time to write a prisoner than during the holidays. In fact, prisoners have told of being brought back from the brink of suicide by a simple message of support. For people behind bars, particularly those on death row … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Havard fights wrongful conviction and death sentence from Mississippi’s death row

The future is uncertain for Jeffery Havard, who currently sits wrongfully convicted in solitary confinement on Mississippi’s death row, where he has remained for almost 13 years. Time is running out for prisoner L3955. Havard, 36, has been incarcerated at Parchman Penitentiary since December … Continue reading

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