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Jeff’s Voice; Lockdown

Well, we are on lockdown AGAIN! It’s no big deal for death row since we’re always locked down. Lockdown for those that live here is the loss of yard privileges, canteen and limited showers. But when those things are the … Continue reading

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Jeff’s Voice: A Nightmare While Awake

I know some people may question a few things concerning my case, and I am also aware that many others have misconceptions regarding the same. Baby Choe’s Death The night of Chloe’s tragic death, I was taken from the hospital … Continue reading

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Jeff’s Voice: A Terrible Loss…

Not long ago I wrote how dedicated my grandparents are to me. I also wrote how much of a labor of love that it was for them to visit. In particular it was a huge effort on my Grandpa‚Äôs part … Continue reading

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