Who is Jeff?

Jeff Havard is not the man portrayed by prosecutors at his trial in 2002. Sadly, the jury that convicted him never had a chance to learn who the real Jeff Havard is. If Jeff had been given a proper defense, then his trial would have without a doubt concluded differently.

Jeff is a caring man incapable of committing the horrendous crime of which he’s been convicted. He is an innocent man living anyone’s worst nightmare. In fact, he is caught in a nightmare while wide awake.

Jeff says, “In a million alternate universes or realities, I would never even think of doing what I am accused of”.

Jeff was born in Natchez, Mississippi, on November 11th, 1978. He moved to LaPlace, Louisiana on his first birthday, then moved back to Natchez with his grandparents a month before he turned 14. The three of them were and still are very close.

Prior to returning to Natchez with his grandparents, Jeff was also a proud older brother who took pride in looking after his younger brother and sister – he was thrilled when his brother Dalton was born. He fed, changed, held and rocked Dalton at every opportunity.

Jeff has always been good with children. As a youth, he babysat for his employer, who had two little girls, aged two and four, on occasion. He took his responsibilities very seriously, leading to a regular babysitting job with the family.

Prior to the Accident. . .

Jeff is an outdoorsman — he loves the outdoors whether his activities involved leisure or work. He enjoys hunting and fishing with his grandpa. He also – with his grandpa’s permission – treasured any opportunity to take the family boat out by himself and just cruise the water.

He also loves music of all genres, but mainly rock. Led Zeppelin is his favorite band, hands down, but he likes country, bluegrass, alternative rock and even classical music.

One of Jeff’s friends, Will, was attending boot camp at Camp Shelby in Mississippi. Jeff decided to attend, as well, with the goal of completing high school early. He indeed did graduate one-year early, finishing in the top 10% of his class. After he graduated, the camp hired him to return as a student counselor.

After working at Camp Shelby, he had several different jobs, including as a lab technician and as lead mate on a river boat. He especially enjoyed working on the river boat, given his passion for the outdoors.

Jeff liked to travel and see new things. He says that stems from summer breaks from school when he would ride with his Pappy all over the country. His Pappy was a long distance truck driver.

Jeff also loves sports.  The Saints are his favorite NFL team, although he loves college football, too. His favorite is LSU. As for baseball, it’s the Red Sox all the way! He also loves horse racing and hopes to attend the Kentucky Derby one day. He also wants to see the Red Sox play at Fenway Park.

Jeff  has many friends, all of whom support him to this day. He also has a great deal of public support, and a lot of those people are now his friends, too. He surely has an engaging personality that draws people to him.

Jeff did no intentional harm to Chloe Britt. It was a horrible accident. Is that not already a life sentence reliving that moment over and over again?

Jeff would give anything, anything at all, if he could change losing his grip on her and the decision he made not to tell her mother out of fear.

He was doing nothing nefarious, he was trying to take on the role of a father, something not many young men are willing to do.

Jeff Havard has spent over thirteen years in a hell on earth, yet he still remains strong, he remains decent. He is bound and determined to finally receive due process because he never got one ounce of that in 2002.

There are people that should worry about their actions, but Jeff Havard is not one of them. He is an innocent man, railroaded.

There can be no justice for Chloe, who is thought of as a murdered child until there is justice for Jeff.

Free Jeffrey Havard

Jeff was an ambitious young man after high school with his entire life ahead of him.

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